photo:sergio bertolini

photo:sergio bertolini

I haven’t always lived in Florence though I was born here. I was raised on the East Coast (remember Kodak?) and before settling in Florence, I lived in Berkeley and before that a mix of other nice places. 

Travel is about embracing the differences, living where people speak another language and where their customs force one to see habits differently.

I got my start leading bicycle trips across Europe. By the second year I was managing the European office. Our guests were individuals and families who enjoyed active travel, gastronomic cuisine and stunning accommodations.

In the adventure travel industry I observed other trends and created innovative travel programs, such as trekking in Iceland, dog sledding in Sweden and desert expeditions in The Sahara. My special interest in photography allowed me to develop photo travel tours, a passion I pursue today.  

Today, my focus is finding under-the-radar destinations that most people want to discover, but can't on their own. Rural Italy is harder to access, but offers some of the more satisfying rewards for travelers. Our highest compliment is hearing a guest tell us their experience was unique and unforgettable. 

Ring My Bell invites you to live as a local.