My name is Paolo

I haven’t always lived in Florence though I'm a native.  I was raised on the East Coast (Kodak ring a bell?). More recently lived on the West Coast (better known for Peets' Coffee). Sprinkled into this mix are Paris, New York and other places, which makes for an identity full of layers. 

I spend much of my waking hours thinking about are how cultures differ. It makes for interesting comparisons, contrasts, but mostly serve you to have a better understanding of what makes Italians tick.

Visitors to Italy typically see what's on the outside, but everybody craves to know the secrets. It's what motivates all of us. The answers are not easy, But that's what I do. I explain, advise and let you in on as many secrets as I can.  

The inspiration for Ring My Bell is a desire to share. If what you have in mind demands unique skills and knowledge,  please let me know.