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Eleonora. Your personal chef

Eleonora. Your personal chef

Eleonora lives in a lovely country house about 30-minutes outside Florence. Her family has an organic farm from which Eleonora takes the freshest vegetables that make for the best tasting ingredients.

When I think of personal chef

I think of someone to spend a part of the day with; shopping at the local market, buying the freshest ingredients with what's in season, getting flour on all fingers then licking them clean, laughing, telling stories. Most of all it's eating a wonderful meal and talking about how good it is.

A personal chef provides the connection of ingredients, some that are not always thought to go together and making something really fantastic. 

Eleonora is just such a person who will accompany you through the creative process introducing you to 

picnic at the grape harvest

picnic at the grape harvest

Did you know,


Italians spend almost 15%, compared to 6% in the US on food. Of the reasons we live and visit Italy, the food we come to taste is a big reason.

Meet Stefania. She loves to cook, especially if it includes having lots of friends. Her husband is a butcher, following in his fathers' and grandfather's tradition. He brought over the steaks and cooked them on an open fire. If you prefer something more intimate, Stefania will come to your house and cook for you. Otherwise, she'll drop off a tasty meal for you to enjoy by yourselves.

La Petraia

La Petraia

La Petraia

is the setting for farm to table eating in a transcending place. Susan Grant, La Petraia's chef and owner gives her original interpretation to making sure you have a wonderful experience. 

Susan and Michael Grant of Toronto settled this picture-perfect place, left to the forces of nature, aka abandoned. Six-years of renovation along with everything else, they realized their dream and are now sharing it with the world.

Getting to this paradisiacal place is worth the drive. An overnight option gives you the incentive to stay a little longer.  An hour south of Florence.

I was speechless when I arrived here. Felt immediate connection to this marvelous place. Richard, Berkeley

Located up the hill from Florence is an elaborate, multi-skills cable and obstacle course fit for kids of all ages. The park is a solution to any family spending more than their fair share of time in museums or doing grown-up things.

by train from Florence to Venice. How easy!  Arriving by lunchtime and sitting right down to a great meal at the Trattoria Alla Madonna, steps from the Ponte Rialto is highly recommended. Friendly service from a city not particularly known for, but understandably not friendly the experience was very positive.

Afteroon plan was for walking the streets less taken. Our hotel was the "Novecento". Staying out of the way of tourists is easy. Good window shopping with more artisans over big name brand sellers. Mix the priorities so you get a little of both. 

The art galleries were for the next day. The Bugno Art Gallery in front of the Fenice Theater turned out to be fortuitous. The gallery representative generously explained his enthusiasm for Paolo Ventura and a NYC Italian photographer, Luca Campigotto.

Best discover was the restaurant, Luna Sentada. Ermanno, a young chef and owner is proud of what he does and will treat you well.