It could not have been a more perfect day for relaxed food shopping at the Sant' Ambrogio market. Many Italians are not yet back from their vacations. The city is, for the next few days, empty, except for visitors. The temperatures were at their absolute ideal. I was with a pair of travelers in from the Bay Area. For their first day in Florence, they selected to do a private cooking class, which we had in my friends' Peggy's apartment in central Florence. Piero, our personal chef prepared the list of ingredients. We went to my favorite wine shop, Bonatti's and picked up one bottle of Prosecco and one bottle of BuonaDonna Chianti Classico. Bernardo, Peggy's personal wine consultant stopped by to give us a few details of the wine we were drinking. His information was so useful. He and Gary decided to swap favorite wines--California for Tuscan. Maybe there's a business idea in there.