A gorgeous autumn day in the country with my guests, Rande and Steve. Our day began with a private wine tasting at the vineyards of Podere Campriano in Greve-in-Chianti. Elena the winemaker gave a personal, endearing perspective of her family's history in wine making. So vivid is her passion. Every member of the family is active in every aspect of the operation, from the cooking school to the agriturismo, bed and breakfast. The product of their work is a studied selection of 100% organic wines, olive oil and local meats. If you like small producers, emphasizing quality over quantity, I strongly recommend a visit.

The real focus of the day at the Ristoro di Lamole a glass of Chianti Classico and fresh pasta on the table was the intrinsic value of sharing experiences through conversation. More than anything sharing what we see through talk connects us to common experiences and outlook. It's what makes travel richer, livelier.

The world's woes are put into solvable perspective when life itself is set in the Tuscan stage. Ring My Bell is not only about showing you where the hidden treasures are. It is a platform for sharing observations. Ring My Bell is an attentive ear helping put into words the feeling one has when looking at beautiful things.