Several months ago a client traveling to Abruzzo, one of the regions where I had organized a visit for his family, described how much fun it was to meet a shepherd.  The old man is one of those handsome, with weathered faces from a different era. He is part of a group of people whose forefathers before him dedicated their lives to herding sheep in high mountain pastures. Their lifestyle depended on this work.

My client's experience prompted an idea to develop a story that would interest photographers. The process of searching for a suitable photographer takes time. This is one certain way to keep alive, if not the tradition, which is dying, but the legacy of a past way of life. 

The itinerary, which is now being finalized is visually rich and offers an opportunity to eat great food. Cooking classes and wine tastings are sprinkled in to highlight the trip. This will be one project keeping in mind for others.