8:00 AM. Breakfast in Italy and Southern Europe for that matter, tends to be on the light side. There's pastry, you chose the quantity and a coffee-- espresso in it's multitude of options. Italians take this standing up and on the go, but you should take your time.

9:00 AM. Hop on, Hop off.  This might seem a little too low hanging fruit for some, but when visiting a city for the first time getting a sense of where things are is a good place to begin your discoveries. You can always revisit areas you liked.  

12:00 PM. There'll be no shortage of sit-down meals during your travels so a quick and economical meal on your feet is welcome anytime. Not everybody can go home for lunch, or afford a restaurant meal. For a traditional taste of Florence try any of the street vendors serving tripe, or pork roast, in sandwich, or small tub you eat with a fork and chased down with a glass of wine. It's a way to observe locals and maybe conversation.

Turning ceramics. If you love working with your hands and want to roll-up your sleeves and get them dirty there's a fun way to entertain everybody in the family. Check out The Ceramic school and workshop at Villa Guicchiardini. The setting is just outside the city in the low hills of Florence.

17:00PM. Private cooking classEver fantasized having a private chef preparing, or teaching you and your family how to prepare a wonderful meal in your location of choice? Lisa Banchieri will be your chef for an evening and experience that is that is really lasting. 

9:00 AM. Art in Florence is all around. From the walks you take in and around the city to the museums that show-off its past. I realize I've set somewhat of a theme on this second day, but if the sensibilities of Italians and their love, no, adoration of food is an inspiration to you, then you will appreciate a visit of the San Ambrosio market.  To photograph, or just take in, this busy market and freshest products is key to the whole celebratory nature of Italians and their relationship to food. Afterwards, I recommend picking-up an copy of the paper and sitting down for a cappuccino at Caffé Cibreo

1:00 PM. Da Rocco's located under the San Ambrosio market roof, this is Florence's answer to fast food. The big difference is that it's good! A friendly staff and the likelihood you'll be comfortably squeezed next to someone you don't know, but who shares in the pleasure of eating is part of what makes this place fun. As an alternative, lunch, or dinner at the Caffé Cibreo is a place that serves comfort food ideal for anyone passing through. 

3:00PM. A 20-minute walk to the Bardini Gardens for some relaxation is a good way to recover after a morning of activity. It's a peaceful and beautiful setting, recently restored grounds. There are some beautiful views from the loggia at the top of the gardens. Piazzale Michelangelo.

6:30PM. For a aperitivo try Fuori porta, or La Volpe e L'Uva. RSVP is always suggested to guarantee a table will be waiting. It's OK to arrive within 30-minutes of your reservation. For dinner and also within walking distance, try Il Santo Bevitore, or le Barrique