8:30 Every traveler's visit has to include The Uffizi Gallery. Reserve your ticket on-line. Early morning is best. It's always crowded, but once you're inside, you can flow from room to room.

11:00 Grab a cappuccino at The Rivoire, in front of the Palazzo Vecchio. It's a great place to people watch. For an equally good spot, but less of the fuss, The Gucci restaurant at the back of the Piazza Signoria is great. Free WiFi. Another cool place with great views, especially if you want to reach out and touch the Duomo is is the Rinascente department store, top floor. Located in Piazza della Repubblica.

12:00 As an alternative to sitting down to a meal try one of Florence mobile carts serving  street food. You can't be too squeamish for things like tripe (cow's intestine), but there are other less risky things to taste, such as slow-cooked pork roast. Accompanied with a glass of wine and all for about 5-Euros you score  points with the locals.

13:00 For Italians, the riposino,  or nap is essential to good health and long life. Is that why stores are closed from 1:00 to 3:30? That and the fact that when it's hot in the summer a pause is a way to stay cool. Walk across the Arno to the Bardini GardensThis shady restored garden is the perfect place to snooze off a power nap. Entrance is E10.

15:30 With kids likely tugging at your hem for something more in line with what they want window shopping may be in order. Don't forget to check out some of the more original boutique stores, such as Brandy Melville,  on Via de Lamberti (across from the Nuovo Mercato), or Playground on Viale Mazzini. While Playground is slightly off the tourist itinerary, it's original retailing space is a hit for grown-ups and kids.

19:00 An aperitivo to cap off a day. For something casual, try the Volpe e l'Uva (best to rsvp).  The wine bar is after Ponte Vecchio in the direction of Palazzo Pitti. It closes by 9:30PM.  For a fancier setting synonymous with living in the "Jet-set" world try Se-Seto on the Arno atop the Excelsior Hotel. Stay for dinner, or reserve a table at Il Santo Bevitore  just across the Arno.

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