This was a trip I thought about doing for many years. There were no more reasons to put it off and so we did it!

Niche interests.

Special interests are those that get unique attention. It's what sets everyone apart from the masses and allows you to get further pleasure out of the things you like.

One autumn, or spring Ring My Bell can cater to your special interests, be it working with your favorite yoga teacher, or art teacher to invite them to Italy for a special workshop. 

Isola del Giglio, Tuscany was the location for a week of art, yoga, relaxation, conversation and much, much more. It was nothing but focused activity on things each member of the group loved to do.

Surely, seeing the countryside is a highlight of many traveler's desires. What's more, a hike with Italians is a great way to introduce oneself in a popular activity that locals enjoy. Throughout Italy, a hiking association exists that welcomes hikers. Wherever you are there's a hike organized by Trekking Italia. For more details, Ring My Bell can get you on the right road.