Ring My Bell was asked to perform a due diligence for a cooking school outside Florence. Something this simple turned into designing a private itinerary for six-days in Tuscany that in addition to a cooking school, included cultural visits, touring, eating and sightseeing.

The guests on this trip continue to be a regular visitor to Italy and as has been the case with every guest, they remain friends.

Cooking school in Chianti

Street art. 

The idea of introducing kids to urban art comes from knowing  art is everywhere and so is graffiti. Why not teach what, if anything it says about our world can be stimulating for a young person.

A half-day includes; introduction to street art. Each student is given a personal set of colors.

There will be an opportunity to create something on a publicly-permitted wall.

Leave your creative mark.

San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, New York

and numerous other cities around the world have gotten on the bandwagon offering courses in how to become a barrista. For coffee-culture towns where the beverage is cult, the inspiration comes from Italy. Where else is the coffee so good. 

Let Ring My Bell introduce you to the artistry and passion of the real McCoy.